A view from the bridge thesis

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A view from the bridge thesis

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Background[ edit ] There were several efforts to improve oscillators in the s. Linearity was recognized as important. The "resistance-stabilized oscillator" had an adjustable feedback resistor; that resistor would be set so the oscillator just started thus setting the loop gain to just over unity.

Here is a recollection by Terman: I would report on some applications I had thought up on negative feedback, and the boys would read recent articles and report to each other on current developments.

This seminar was just well started when a paper came out that looked interesting to me. It was by a man from General Radio and dealt with a fixed-frequency audio oscillator in which the frequency was controlled by a resistance-capacitance network, and was changed by means of push-buttons.

Oscillations were obtained by an ingenious application of negative feedback. The oscillator was demonstrated in Portland. The first sale was in January The conventional oscillator circuit is designed so that it will start oscillating "start up" and that its amplitude will be controlled.

The oscillator at the right uses diodes to add a controlled compression to the amplifier output. The linear oscillator can support any amplitude. In practice, the loop gain is initially larger than unity. Random noise is present in all circuits, and some of that noise will be near the desired frequency.

A loop gain greater than one allows the amplitude of frequency to increase exponentially each time around the loop. With a loop gain greater than one, the oscillator will start.

Ideally, the loop gain needs to be just a little bigger than one, but in practice, it is often significantly greater than one. A larger loop gain makes the oscillator start quickly. A large loop gain also compensates for gain variations with temperature and the desired frequency of a tunable oscillator.

A view from the bridge thesis

For the oscillator to start, the loop gain must be greater than one under all possible conditions. A loop gain greater than one has a down side.

In theory, the oscillator amplitude will increase without limit. In practice, the amplitude will increase until the output runs into some limiting factor such as the power supply voltage the amplifier output runs into the supply rails or the amplifier output current limits.

The limiting reduces the effective gain of the amplifier the effect is called gain compression. In a stable oscillator, the average loop gain will be one. Although the limiting action stabilizes the output voltage, it has two significant effects: The amount of distortion is related to the extra loop gain used for startup.

That means more distortion. The amount of distortion is also related to final amplitude of the oscillation.

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