Are you living mindlessly summary

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Perspective on Personal Maturity Pause, breathe, and think of all the adults you know. Who among them would you say is "really mature"? Have you ever thought or said someone was "really immature"?

Do you think of yourself as "very mature"? How do you judge that? Personal maturity can be viewed on two levels: Be aware of which level you're using as you evaluate someone's status. As a long-time student of human nature, my sense is that most people are only hazily aware of themselves now and over time.

They don't spend much time mulling what "personal growth" and "maturity" are and how they're attained or not. Imagine a 12 year-old asking you "What is maturity?

Did you say something like "To be mature means being 'grown up,' or a true adult. Are these just intellectual questions or can they be useful?

Are you living mindlessly summary

I propose at least two significant benefits: Human Development From cells to whales, all living things like you progress through a natural cycle of birth, growth, and death. At some point in this cycle, living things - like people - reach their "highest potential," and then their various abilities start to decline.

The process of developing your potential can be called maturing.

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Reflect on all the people you have known directly and by reputation. Can you think of several people who are or were extraordinarily able and productive in some ways?

Do you feel they've reached their "highest potential"? Now identify several people you feel "could have done a lot more with their lives" - i. How do you measure that? Each of us has a range of natural interests, talents, and abilities which we may or may not develop and use. Questions that confront you and every other self-aware person: What are my special talents and abilities?

How can I develop and use my talents? What can I achieve with my knowledge and talents? Am I living ''on purpose''? If I'm not - why? What limits my personal growth and development, and how can I adapt to or overcome these limits?

Have you thoughts seriously about these questions? Can you answer them? If not - why not? Do you agree that effective parenting includes helping kids become aware of these questions and how to answer them over time?

A shallow view of personal maturity focuses on achievements and fame in some field. Do you see Mohammed, Buddha, Christ, and other renowned prophets as "mature" people?

Are You Living Mindfully or Mindlessly?

What is "Personal Growth"? Try answering this question out loud now. Did you say something general like "Well, it means 'getting better at things. Compare your answer with this:Are You Living Mindfully or Mindlessly? By Sandy Schroeder.

The words “mindful,” or “mindfulness,” have been getting a lot of attention lately as many of us think about using meditation and short breaks to cope with stress. Mindless Eating Strategies for Mindlessly Eating Less Peppered throughout the book are strategies for reengineering your environment to mindlessly eat less.

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Are you living mindlessly summary

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