Comparative customer satisfaction of airtel vodafone

Significance of the Study In today's highly competitive economy, innovative ideas and brilliant employees are key factors to remaining ahead of competitors. By effectively utilizing the power of talented people, firms may achieve solid results and develop a highly productive work force Harrington, The level of performance of employees relies not only on their actual skills but also on the level of motivation each person exhibits Burney

Comparative customer satisfaction of airtel vodafone

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Poor SCM erodes profitability, delays projects, and limits production. Structured questionnaire has been developed on the basis of extensive literature survey. Data for the study were collected from major players of oil and gas industries and the relationships proposed in the framework were tested using SPSS software.

The hypotheses testing for selected variables have been done by using stepwise regression analysis. The validated model so developed shows the relationship among the selected variables.

SCM program has been observed to be directly linked with FS practices and not by any other variable. This observation has emerged from the statistical analysis of the data collected from questionnaire based survey.

Comparative customer satisfaction of airtel vodafone

India today remains one of the least explored regions with well density per thousand sq. Being among the lowest, it is also evident that vast amount of capital investments are necessary if exploration efforts are to be substantially augmented.

Therefore, there is need of FS practices and SCM practices to attract both the national oil companies, as well as, private sector oil companies to invest in this critical area.Comparative Study of Major Telecom Providers in India Ashutosh Mishra, Mratyunjay Singh, Dr. Arvind Mittal, schwenkreis.comaSoni Customer satisfaction is Companieslike Bharti Airtel, Vodafone Communication, Idea Cellular, RelianceCommunications and Tata.

Comparative customer satisfaction of airtel vodafone

Companies strive to retain their customer base by delivering value and satisfaction from their products and this is formulated in consumers’ minds as a combination of service, item or service if they received very good service. Comparative Study of Customer Satisfaction Between Airtel & Vodafone Mobile Users in Delhi.

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Uploaded by. lokesh_/4(14). Vodafone, Glo, Zain, Tigo and MTN meet compete Ghana. I did a comparative analysis of Zain and MTN at Mobile Africa, a few months ago.

Their promo hype may attract GSM users but what happens to customer satisfaction?

Suggestions for comparative study of customer satisfaction of airtel and vodafone

Pls tell MTN & GLO to go for satisfaction . A Comparative Study on Vodafone & Airtel Marketing Research Airtel - Idea. Comparative Study of Customer Satisfaction Between Airtel & Vodafone Mobile Users in Delhi. Project Report on Jio vs Airtel.


Comparative Study of Airtel. Synopsis Bharti Airtel Project. PROJECT REPORT ON BSNL VS VODAFONE. Final File1. TATA DOCOMO Ltd is an Indian mobile network operator, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Teleservices, founded on November As of july , it is the country's fifth largest operator in terms of subscribers.

As of June , it has million subscribers.

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