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Battle of Chacabuco The columns that crossed the Andes began to take military actions. In the south, Freire captured Talca.

Jose de san martin

His mother, Gregoria Matorras, was also Spanish. From to he was educated at the Seminary of Nobles in Madrid, leaving there to begin his military career as a cadet in the Murcia infantry regiment. For the next 20 years he was a loyal officer of the Spanish monarch, fighting against the Moors in Oran ; against the Britishwho held him captive for more than a year; and against the Portuguese in the War of the Oranges He was made captain in Undoubtedly, peninsular Spanish prejudice against anyone born in the Indies must have rankled throughout his career in Spain and caused him to identify himself with the creole revolutionaries.

Manuel Belgranowho was being hard pressed by forces of the viceroy of Peru. He therefore quietly prepared the masterstroke that was his supreme contribution to the liberation of southern South America. Then, on the pretense of ill health, he got himself appointed governor intendant of the province of Cuyothe capital of which was Mendozathe key to the routes across the Andes.

There, he set about creating an army that would link up overland with the soldiers of the patriotic government in Chile and then proceed by sea to attack Peru.

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Nevertheless, it took him more than a year to clear the country of royalist troops. The port was therefore blockaded, and the troops were landed to the south near Pisco ; from this point they could threaten Lima from the landward side.

He had broken with his supporters in Buenos Aires when, against their wishes, he insisted on pressing on to Lima; he was unsure of the loyalty of the Peruvian people and of the backing of some of his officers, many of whom suspected him of dictatorial or monarchical ambitions; and he lacked the forces to subdue the royalist remnants in the interior.

There, seriously ill, faced by recriminations and overt disaffection, he resigned his protectorship on September In a message to the Peruvian Congress he left a farsighted warning: He died in Boulogne-sur-Mer in The boldness of his plan to attack the viceroyalty of Lima by crossing the Andes to Chile and going on by sea, as well as the patience and determination with which he executed it, was undoubtedly the decisive factor in the defeat of Spanish power in southern South America.Conoce a José de San Martín / Get to Know Jose de San Martin (Bilingual) (Personajes del mundo hispánico / Historical Figures of the Hispanic World) (Spanish and English Edition).

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José de San Martín: José de San Martín, Argentine soldier, statesman, and national hero who helped lead the revolutions against Spanish rule in Argentina (), Chile (), and Peru (). San Martín’s father, Juan de San Martín, a professional soldier, was administrator of Yapeyú, formerly a Jesuit mission.

José de San Martín was the fifth and last son of Juan de San Martín, an unsuccessful Spanish soldier, and Gregoria Matorras del Ser. He was born in Yapeyú, . Jose Francisco de San Martin was a general and patriot who led the wars of Independence from Spain for Argentina, Chile, and Peru.

El padre de José de San Martín, Juan de San Martín, [21] hijo de Andrés de San Martín e Isidora Gómez, había nacido en la villa de Cervatos de la Cueza, en la actual provincia de Palencia (antiguo Reino de León, en España) y era .

Jose de san martin

José de San Martín (José Francisco de San Martín y Matorras; Yapeyú, hoy San Martín, Corrientes, Argentina, - Boulogne-sur-Mer, Francia, ) Héroe de la independencia americana, libertador de Chile y Perú.

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