Master thesis international economics major

NET Honors in Economics The Honors Program in Economics gives outstanding senior majors an opportunity to design and carry out a research project on a topic of their choice, under close supervision of faculty.

Master thesis international economics major

Bureau of Labor Statistics Verizon Outstanding student support Our job placement officer works with employers in the North Texas region and beyond to connect you with employers seeking the skills we teach.

These career services are in addition to those the university provides.

master thesis international economics major

UNT also provides a wide variety of services exclusively to graduate students. Many of the workshops are available online for your convenience. Research centers and resources The Center for Economic Education makes formal instruction of economics more accessible.

The center maintains an in-service teacher-training program, develops instructional materials, conducts research in economic education and provides technical assistance in matters pertaining to instruction in economics.

The Center for Environmental Economic Studies and Research promotes, conducts and coordinates environmental economic research and complementary activities on our campus.

The goals are to investigate economic solutions to environmental problems and disseminate the research. Research has focused on water, garbage, biodiversity and property rights. The Economics Research Group conducts economic analysis and public policy research.

The group also provides forecasting and strategic planning services to businesses, governments, and non-profit agencies with an interest in economic development.

Attending UNT Admissions requirements You must meet the admission requirements for the graduate school and the following program requirements: Degree requirements 12 credit hours of required economics courses 9 credit hours of economics electives 6 credit hours of a thesis course or additional economics courses 6 credit hours in a minor Pass three written comprehensive exit exams Financial assistance The majority of our graduate students receive financial support through research assistantships, teaching assistantships, teaching fellowships and hourly employment in the Economics Help Center.

The assistantship positions provide in-state tuition rates for out-of-state students. All students who submit complete application portfolios by March 1 are considered for financial support as research or academic assistants.

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In addition, our department offers numerous scholarships that vary in availability depending on funding. Applications for departmental scholarships can be obtained from the Department of Economics.

master thesis international economics major

The scholarship application deadline is usually the last day of February. Information about other financial assistance programs is available at the financial aid website and the graduate school website.

Graduate faculty and research areas Michael C. Regional economic development theory; regional policy; political economy.

Economic education; comparative economic systems; international trade. Industrial organization; regulation; telecommunications. Myungsup Kim, Associate Professor; Ph. Leonard, Associate Professor; Ph. Urban, behavioral and health economics.

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Economics of developing countries; international trade; econometrics; African economic systems; survey methodology. Molina, Associate Professor; Ph.

Border economies; consumer demand theory; economics of discrimination; income distribution theory; migration economics; North American trade. Applied econometrics and microeconomics; environmental and natural resource economics; labor, legal and forensic economics.

Rous, Associate Professor; Ph. Health economics; urban economics. Tieslau, Associate Professor; Ph. Econometrics; time series analysis. Xi Yang, Assistant Professor; Ph. Labor economics; urban economics; development economics.International Economic Consulting is organised to prepare students for various job functions within applied economic analyses.

In the admission requirements for the Master’s degree programmes in Economics and Business Administration will be changed to the following: The fourth semester is devoted to the Master's thesis. You may. Sep 24,  · Thesis on local economic development and Master thesis energy economics in writing project While most of the life course, across succes sive generations, and historical situation, and thus to greater opportunity.

The master of science degree has an optional thesis, with the approval of the graduate advisor. Six thesis credits may be counted towards the 30 required credits, and the thesis requirements are similar to those for the master of arts in economics.

Honors candidates must complete two additional courses in economics, beyond those required for a major, in which they undertake the research and writing of a thesis.

Master of Arts in Economics. The Master of Arts in Economics is a flexible degree that can meet a wide range of student needs. The program allows students to pursue a traditional approach as preparation for entry into a doctoral program or an applied approach geared toward business and policy analysis in a specialized area.

The Masters has the goal to train post-graduate students in fields such as International economics, international business management, and international law. Mathematical techniques for optimizing firms management are also covered.

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