Mini case deal r us brokers part 1

The collapse of Lehman Brothers:

Mini case deal r us brokers part 1

So, when you interview your next real estate agent, make sure that this agent does real estate full-time. If they have multiple listings, the time they devote to your house may be even less.

Part-time agents may be spreading themselves too thin between their main job and their real estate career. If your real estate agent is only in the business to just get a little spending money then their motivation to sell your house will be low, if any.

Is this a part-time career or just a hobby to do in their spare time? This is not the motivation needed to sell your house in a timely and productive manner. The longer your house sits on the market, the lower your sales price becomes.

Part-time agents have a limited amount of time available to setup appointments for showings, open houses or to attend closings, appraisals or inspections.

An agent needs to be at all of these events to ensure a successful closing. This could limit you and your agent to looking at homes only on the weekends. You can also bet that your part-time agent will only be taking their buyers to your house during the weekend too.

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What about the other five days? Why would you pay a full price for part-time work? Create a long-range plan to become an agent and start saving up money that you can live on until your commission checks start coming. To be safe, you should save up enough money to live off of for months.

In the meantime, start taking real estate classes and the real estate exam so that you can become a licensed agent on day one of your future career. Instead, team up with a full-time agent and offer to help them with their clients.

Mini case deal r us brokers part 1

Maybe help them host an open house or offer to take a buyer to look at a few homes. Trying to convince a client that you can do as much as a full-time agent is simply a lie. Try getting a weekend job with the property management division of a real estate agency or work as support staff for a real estate agent or team.

Share Your Thoughts What are your opinions about part-time agents? Do you think it can be done by a part-time agent as effectively as a full-time agent?

Mini case deal r us brokers part 1

Do they add value to the industry or help to create a bad reputation that all agents share? When you comment, please let us know if you are a full-time agent or a part-time agent.

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The History of Lehman Brothers

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