Psychological effects of unemployment essay

Dr Fryer says that many official intervention programmes aimed at helping unemployed people only increased the mental health costs of unemployment. He says that Social Policy in Britain "couldn't be designed much more effectively to exaggerate the risk of mental health problems". Dr Fryer gave the C.

Psychological effects of unemployment essay

In fact, every country has a certain unemployment rate depends on the country economic status. There are four different types of unemployment which include frictional unemployment, structural unemployment, cyclical unemployment and seasonal unemployment. Now, let us roughly explore the factors of unemployment among people nowadays.

First, the rapid changes in technologies have attributed in this issue. For examples, a factory which at beginning use manpower as manufacture basis but now has changed to mechanical machine instead of manpower. Thus, this advanced in technologies have change to economic world.

Then, attitude towards employers, willingness to work, perceptions and values of employees these are also consider as the factors of unemployment.

Psychological effects of unemployment essay

As we all know, a person who lead a better life condition, he or she will feel satisfy and happy with his life status.

What does it mean? A better life condition basically means that a person having a secure place to live in, getting sufficient food and drinks, having sense of belonging, getting love from people and having a fix career which can generate income to a person. However, if a person who fulfill his physiological, safety and belonging needs but do not own a fix job, he will definitely unhappy, unsatisfied and some even get into emotional problems such as depression.

Hence, we can see that people who are unemployed have a higher risk to suffer from depression. In fact, a person who suffers from depression can be recognized easily.

Besides, another symptoms will be significantly lessen passion or bliss in almost all daily activities, burnout of energy very easily, markedly sudden weight loss or weight gain, and even think of death or suicide frequently Butcher et al.

These are the symptoms for those who are in depressed.

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Hence, you should put more attention to the one who is unemployed so that you can find out whether he or she is getting depress and quickly get the consultation from psychiatrist.

How depression occurs on the unemployed people? For this reason, he may think that he is less productive and become obsolete in the particular working place. Since then, the person feels unhappy. His worries accumulate from days to days and therefore, he become depressed. Furthermore, if the person has a family burden, he has to face a bigger challenge when he is getting no job.

This is because the expanses for a family is quite a big portion nowadays. These expanses include the cost for children education, daily necessities, daily food and drinks. Thus, the unemployed person is totally stress up and has to find way in order to cover these family expenses.

Due to this cause, stress on financial problems can also lead to depression. When a person gets depression, his working ability is affected Aufiero, This means that he cannot perform his job well and successful.

He may tend to be slower in working and cannot stay focus on his work. Hence, his working productivity decreases.Through these and other studies, psychological and social adjustment following unemployment has been studied along with effects on family life, education about unemployment, etc.

Changes in. It includes stress, depressed, anxious, or other psychological problems. Many people face to several stressful situations in their life, such as word-overloading, unemployment, exam preparation, loss of a loved one, breaking a relationship, divorce, or separation.

Causes and effects essay: Effects of Unemployment For ENGL Fanghao Liu 4/11/15 Effects of Unemployment Unemployment is one of biggest concerns for both governments and civilians, unemployment rate is an important index to estimate a countries’ economic trend, citizens’ living standard, and countries’ political stability.

our study of the effects of stress by discussing a category of psychological disorders called adjustment disorders, which involve maladaptive reactions to then consider the role of stress and other psychological and sociocultural factors in physical disorders.

For families, unemployment can mean more than just the loss of a job and resources. As parents struggle to make ends meet, instability can strain parents’ and children’s relationships and harm their overall well-being.

Economic and psychological stress can lead to changes in housing or family structure that may have long-lasting adverse effects on children’s development. Cause and effect of unemployment essay - Proposals, essays & academic papers of top quality. -effect essay. Inflation and placing excessive demands on sadlier, determining cause for.

Psychological effects of unemployment essay

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