Research papers on strategic human resource management

This information will look at the ways that some scholars have defined the concept of SHRM, and the role that it serves within an organization. In addition, the first part of this research will examine how a human resource department can actually be called strategic in nature. This information will also be examined in relation to an actual organization. Various models of SHRM will be discussed, and the idea of how they compare to the organization in question will be presented.

Research papers on strategic human resource management

Research papers on strategic human resource management

No Comment Week 1 What is human resource management? As we said that HRM is the management of people working in an organization, it is a subject related to human.

Research Papers: Strategic Human Resource Management (Case study on Ryan-Air)

For simplicity, we can say that it is the management of humans or people. HRM is a managerial function that tries to match an organizations needs to the skills and abilities of its employees. Human Resource Management is responsible for how people are managed in the organizations.

It is responsible for bringing people in organization helping them perform their work, compensating them for their work and solving problems that arise.

Functions of HRM Basic functions that all managers perform: HR management involves the policies and practices needed to carry out the staffing or people function of management.

HRM department regardless of the organizations size must perform following human resource management functions Staffing HR planning, recruitment and selection Human resource development Compensation and benefits Safety and health Employee and labor relations Records maintaining, etc.

HR research providing a HR information base, designing and implementing employee communication system. Interrelationship of HR functions. The human resource department plays a central role in establishing and implementing policies designed to reduce the friction between organizational demands and family responsibilities.

Increased complexity of the Managers job Management has become an increasingly complex and demanding job for many reasons, including foreign competition, new technology, expanding scientific information, and rapid change.

Executives need assistance from the human resource department in matters of recruitment, performance evaluation, compensation, and discipline. Legislation and litigation The enactment of state laws has contributed enormously to the proliferation and importance of human resource functions.

The record keeping and reporting requirements of the laws are so extensive that to comply with them, many human resource departments must work countless hours and often must hire additional staff. Four areas that have been influenced most by legislation include equal employment, Compensation, safety, and labor relations.

Consistency Human resource policies help to maintain consistency and equity within an organization.

Consistency is particularly important in compensation and promotion decisions. When managers make compensation decisions without consulting the human resource department the salary structure tends to become very uneven and unfair promotion decisions also may be handled unfairly when the HR department does not coordinate the decision of individual manger.

Expertise Now a days there exist sophisticated personnel activities that require special expertise. For example, researchers have developed complex procedures for making employee-selection decisions; statistical formulas that combine interviews, test scores, and application-blank information have replaced the subjective interviews traditionally used in making selection decisions.

Similarly, many organizations have developed compensation systems with elaborate benefits…; Week 1 What is human resource management? Similarly, many organizations have developed compensation systems with elaborate benefits… Share this:With the emergence of strategy literature both strategic aspect of human resource management and entrepreneurial activities in the organizations have been among the most remarkable subjects of .

- The History of Human Resource Management Human resource management is the strategic and coherent approach to the management of an organization's most valued assets - the people working there who individually and collectively contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the business.

- The Impact of Human Resource Information Systems in an Organization Chantel B. Smith HRM Abstract The purpose of this informative paper is to explain specifically, how the use of Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) contributes to the effectiveness of strategic human resources management and to examine the strategic importance of.

Q. Critically analyse the article for the meaning of strategic human resource management and identify the factors impacting on strategic human resource management in contemporary organisations.

Before an argument can be put in place about whether human resource management (HRM) can be strategic, we need to be aware that human resources (HR) is /5(1).

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Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM), a branch of Human Resource Management, was proven to be a long-term strategic approach to keep sustainable competitive advantage.

As Snell, Youndt and Wright () comment that Strategic Human Resource Management can be established by the organization to achieve competitive advantage according to people. Research & Surveys Page Content Our vision is to advance the HR profession by providing evidence-based insights, recommendations, and innovations at the intersection of people and work.

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