Tacky the penguin writing activities

Let's visit the North and South Poles. These two areas are filled with amazing animals for students to learn about. This packet is FILLED with informational text as well as delightful fiction stories related to this topic allowing students to read, research, and write.

Tacky the penguin writing activities

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Penguins Writing Activities

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Penguin Fine Motor Activities

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This is great for ages and the illustrations capture the mood /5(). Penguins: Amazing Pictures & Fun Facts on Animals in Nature Tacky the Penguin Mr.

Popper’s Penguins Penguin Chick Baby Touch and Feel: Little Penguin Baby Penguins Love their Mama Little Penguin Gets the Hiccups Penguins! Download yours free today!

To download the Penguins Writing Activities, simply add it to your cart and then checkout. This retelling unit of study is designed for the kindergarten classroom.

Complete with mini-lessons, anchor charts and graphic organizers. We have created this unit of study to help your young readers learn how to retell a story to illustrate their literal comprehension of fiction stories.

tacky the penguin writing activities

During the week we read Tacky the Penguin. Tacky is an eccentric penguin that others find odd, until he saves the day! Tacky is an eccentric penguin that others find odd, until he saves the day! The craft that I use for Tacky is no longer available. Some of my favorite activities center around January themes!

Several years ago my friend Deedee Wills and I sat down and discussed some of our favorite January read alouds. Tacky the Penguin Lesson Plans (plus a free download) Pin Share Tweet +1.

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Retelling Unit of Study - The Kinder Corner

3 days ago. Tacky the Penguin by Helen Lester – A tale of Tacky the Penguin and how he annoys his penguin friends, until his behavior scares of hunters. Penguins! by Gail Gibbons – A detailed books of facts about penguins, including their life cycle, habitat, physical characteristics, and behavior.

Penguin Activities for Kids