Thesis proposal translation studies

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Thesis proposal translation studies

This paper presents a series of arguments or theses regarding the field of translation studies, some perhaps fairly obvious to all but I hope useful as a summary statement of where the field has been and where it is going, others rather more controversial and tendentious.

All are intended as a goad to discussion. Error-analysis, the hegemonic concern with making or avoiding, detecting and censuring errors has instilled a deficit model of translation in the imaginations both of the people who do the work and of the people who use it. Subliminally, because hegemonically, every translation is not potentially wonderful but potentially error-ridden.

No translation, we all assume as a matter of course, can ever hope to attain the greatness of the original. Traduttore, we say with a sigh, traditore. The crucial thing for both translators and their critics is not what expressive vision they brought to the work, but where and how and how often they fell short of it.

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Where translation has been taught, the incessant harping on errors, errors, errors has created a pedagogy that is by definition demoralizing. When faced with problematic source-language passages requiring a creative leap out of the conventional into the radically innovative, translators afraid of censure have developed a chronic unwillingness to take risks.

This has fostered a variety of timid practices designed to protect the translator from attack — even, in many cases, from execution — such as literalism, transliteration leaving the problematic word or phrase untranslated, see Pym Normative structures of equivalence have been stifling for translation scholars as well.

As a result we know very little today about how translators translate, neurologically, psychologically, sociologically, or politically. Almost nothing is known about the cultural and political processes by which certain texts are selected for translation, translators found and supervised and paid for them, channels found for their marketing and distribution, etc.

We need enormous quantities of new knowledge about translation. Primary research is currently being done in all the areas mentioned in 4; we need to continue, and continue to expand, these efforts.

We also need to push into other — areas that are hard to imagine, because our imaginations have been hegemonically shaped by a narrow and restrictive scholarly tradition focused on textual equivalence. Any methodology that is capable of generating new knowledge about translation is beneficial.

We also need large-scale sociological surveys of translator populations: How did they grow up bilingually? How were they educated? Are their spouses people from another culture from the one in which they were raised?

Do they live in bicultural communities? Where do they work? We need qualitative longitudinal studies of freelance, in-house, and academic translators: Cold quantitative data on all this will not be sufficient, but it will be an excellent foundation for later research.

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We need more historical research on translators, translation scholars, and the use of translation in various political contexts the emerging field of postcolonial translation studies is crucial here; see RafaelCheyfitzNiranjana We need to deconstruct and demystify the old knowledge.

Despite the exciting proliferation of new translation studies methodologies, the old approaches and assumptions are still very much with us, and will continue to exert an unconscious influence on our thinking until we have worked through them in new ways.Becoming a doctor requires years of study..

You can improve your knowledge of the natural world by study and observation.. She will return to her studies after vacation..

He left the service to pursue his studies.. The agency conducted an environmental study.. He took part in a study of childhood obesity.. The study of the new drug will be .

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Thesis proposal translation studies

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