Wl garrison paper

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Wl garrison paper

Cancellation of solicitation Comptroller General - Key Excerpts In a negotiated procurement, such as this one, an agency has broad authority to decide whether to cancel a solicitation, and to do so, need only establish a reasonable basis.

Thus, we have consistently explained that an agency need only establish a reasonable basis to support a decision to cancel a solicitation. A reasonable basis to cancel exists when, for example, an agency concludes that a solicitation does not accurately reflect its needs.

Moreover, an agency may properly cancel a solicitation regardless of when the information precipitating the cancellation first surfaces or should have been known.

Notwithstanding such closer scrutiny, and even if it can be shown that pretext may have supplied at least part of the motivation tocancel the procurement, the reasonableness standard applicable to cancellation of a solicitation remains unchanged.

Here, the agency reasonably determined that the solicitation, as issued, no longer met its needs. For example, the agency determined that it now needed the addition of over functional requirements of software development, which were critical to the completion of the biometric data exchange cloud infrastructure.

Furthermore, the agency concluded that due to the additional work required, changes would also need to be made to the key personnel requirements identified in the RFP. Computer World Services Corporation B The protesters maintain that the agency had no reasonable basis to cancel the solicitation and that the cancellation was a pretext to avoid further protests.

According to Evergreen, the evaluation errors it identified in its earlier protests could "easily" be addressed in "all of fifteen minutes" by deeming certain aircraft unacceptable and awarding a contract to Evergreen for its six aircraft.

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Evergreen Protest, May 5,at We have considered all of the protesters arguments in support of their position, and find that none provides a basis to sustain the protest. In a negotiated procurement, such as this one, an agency has broad authority to decide whether to cancel a solicitation, and to do so, need only establish a reasonable basis.

Cancellation of a procurement is reasonable where the agency determines that it no longer has a requirement for the item solicited, or where the agency discovers an existing contract for its requirement would be more advantageous to the government than continuing with the procurement.

As explained above, the agency first selected six firms for awards on December 15,more than 5 months before the first exclusive-use period was to begin. Several protests followed, culminating in a lengthy supplemental protest filed by Evergreen on April The agency concedes that certain of these allegations had merit, and, consequently, it decided during the week of April less than a month before the first exclusive use period was to begin--that some form of corrective action was warranted.

The agency acknowledges that a reevaluation of the tens of aircraft proposed by the 15 offerors could have resulted in a different award decision. However, as more fully discussed below, the agency maintains that it simply did not have sufficient time to conduct a reevaluation of proposals and make a new best-value determination prior to its need for SEAT aircraft at the start of the fire season.

Because, according to the agency, a reevaluation was not feasible given the short timeframe, and another procurement vehicle was in place to fulfill its needs, the agency cancelled the solicitation.

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As a general rule, agencies have broad discretion to take necessary steps to ensure a fair and impartial competition. We will not find a cancellation of a solicitation to be unreasonable solely because it was prompted by a protest.

MOL at 6, 9. In this respect, the agency maintains that a second reevaluation would have pushed the exclusive-use contract start date well into fire season, which would have been an "unacceptable result.

The agency explains that it cancelled the solicitation because it had an "immediate need" to prepare aircraft for deployment and assign agency personnel to locations spread across the country to manage the aircraft for aerial fire suppression. Consequently, the agency made the decision to acquire its "urgent requirements" under a different available procurement vehicle--the on-call contracts--rather than take the risk that the exclusive-use contracts would be available on time.

The agency further asserts that the exclusive-use procurement is no longer beneficial to the agency. Significantly, as highlighted above, the exclusive-use procurement was structured such that the contracts required that DOI issue at least one order for each of the 33 aircraft for a full day period, the first of which was to begin May RFP at 35, According to the agency, if the contracts could not be awarded and task orders issued in time for the initial exclusive-use period, then the minimum guarantee could not be met without either creating unnecessary additional overlap between exclusive-use periods, or having the exclusive-use periods extend beyond fire season, when SEAT services are not necessary.

As a result, the agency asserts that, given the delay in the start date, it no longer had a requirement for the guaranteed minimum under the exclusive-use contracts.

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Without sufficient time to perform a complete reevaluation of proposals, the agency chose to begin fulfilling its fire season requirements using a different contract vehicle. By the time any reevaluation could have been completed, the agency would no longer have a need for the guaranteed minimums under the exclusive-use contracts.() Garrison was a famous American abolitionist, social reformer, and journalist.

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Wl garrison paper

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