Write a play let is a

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Write a play let is a

Etymology[ edit ] The term is not a variant spelling of the common misspelling "playwrite": Hence the prefix and the suffix combine to indicate someone who has "wrought" words, themes, and other elements into a dramatic form - someone who crafts plays.

The homophone with "write" is entirely coincidental.

write a play let is a

The first written record of the term "playwright" is from[1] 73 years before the first written record of the term "dramatist". Jonson described himself as a poet, not a playwright, since plays during that time were written in meter and so were regarded as the province of poets. This view was held as late as the early 19th century.

The term "playwright" later again lost this negative connotation. Early playwrights[ edit ] The earliest playwright in Western literature with surviving works are the Ancient Greeks.

These early plays were for annual Athenian competitions among play writers [4] held around the 5th century BC.

Such notables as AeschylusSophoclesEuripidesand Aristophanes established forms still relied on by their modern counterparts. This is the source of the English word poet. In this famous text, Aristotle established the principle of action or praxis as the basis for all drama.

The ends of drama were plot, character, and thought, the means of drama were language and music, and the manner of presentation a spectacle. Since the mythsupon which Greek tragedy were based, were widely known, plot had to do with the arrangement and selection of existing material.

Character was equated with choice rather than psychology, so that character was determined by action. In tragedythe notion of ethical choice determined the character of the individual. Thought had more to do and "the imitation of an action that is serious", and so forth, brought with it the concept of mimesis from real life.

Thus, he developed his notion of hamartiaor tragic flaw, an error in judgment by the main character or protagonist. It provides the basis for the "conflict-driven" play, a term still held as the sine qua non of dramaturgy.

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The Poeticswhile very brief and highly condensed, is still studied today. Perhaps the most Aristotelian of contemporary playwrights is David Mametwho embraces the idea of character as "agent of the action", and emphasizes causality in the structure of his plays.

His recently revived Speed-the-Plow is quintessentially Aristotelian, in that it both observes the unities with exception of Act I's change in place and builds its plot through a causal stream of discoveries and reversals. William Shakespeare The Italian Renaissance brought about a stricter interpretation of Aristotle, as this long-lost work came to light in the late 15th century.

The neoclassical ideal, which was to reach its apogee in France during the 17th century, dwelled upon the unitiesof action, place, and time. This meant that the playwright had to construct the play so that its "virtual" time would not exceed 24 hours, that it would be restricted to a single setting, and that there would be no subplots.

write a play let is a

Other terms, such as verisimilitude and decorum, circumscribed the subject matter significantly. For example, verisimilitude limits of the unities.

Decorum fitted proper protocols for behavior and language on stage. In France, contained too many events and actions, thus, violating the hour restriction of the unity of time.

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Neoclassicism never had as much traction in England, and Shakespeare 's plays are directly opposed to these models, while in Italy, improvised and bawdy commedia dell'arte and opera were more popular forms. In England, after the Interregnumand restoration of the monarchy inthere was a move toward neoclassical dramaturgy.

One structural unit that is still useful to playwrights today, is the " French scene ", which is a scene in a play where the beginning and end are marked by a change in the makeup of the group of characters onstage, rather than by the lights going up or down or the set being changed.

This plot driven format is often reliant on a prop device, such as a glass of water, [6] or letter that reveals some secret information. In most cases, the character receiving the secret information misinterprets its contents, thus setting off a chain of events.

Well-made plays are thus motivated by various plot devices which lead to "discoveries" and "reversals of action," rather than being character motivated. Henrik Ibsen 's A Doll's House is an example of a well-made structure built around the discovery of Krogstad's letter that began to integrate a more realistic approach to character.

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